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Faith-based Life Coach and Mentor

Hi, I’m Julie Merrell

I’m so glad you are here!

If you are seeking more clarity, want to learn how to discover your true self, improve your relationships, and feel more joy in your life; you’re in the right place!

I offer self-guided courses to start your learning and growth.  Let’s get you started!



My Approach

I am passionate about helping you find your path in life and improve your relationships.  I help you accomplish this by uncovering old programs that are no longer serving you and teaching you proven principles that promote healthy connections, and communication in all your relationships.  Together we will reveal false beliefs that have kept you rooted in unproductive patterns and uncover truths that will empower you to move forward!

If you are ready to shift your perspective and strengthen your relationships to help you experience all you are meant to become, let’s get started!



My family and I were grateful to be able to meet Julie and learn some of her coping techniques that helped us tremendously. She has coached each one of my family members individually with unique situations and problems and gave us strategies to be able to use for the future when we were faced with difficult problems. Julie is a talented and skilled coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone. 


Working with Julie has been one of the biggest privileges of my life.  Truly.  

Both myself, my husband and my teenage daughter have been blessed BEYOND MEASURE to have her coach us.  She is in a league of her own—she is the most talented, gifted, knowledgeable and Christlike coach I’ve ever met. 


“I absolutely love working with Julie!  She is so much fun to work with and has a beautiful gift to tune into energy and feel truth.  I have worked with her for years and every time I walk away with clarity and a deeper understanding of who I am. She is extremely intuitive and empathic and knows exactly what the next step is towards healing and wholeness.”

Stacia –

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